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    Accessories service

    Spare parts supply
    Choosing the original accessories is the choice of peace of mind, choose the heart
    An elevator consists of tens of thousands of parts. Only the parts manufactured according to the original product drawing process under the strict quality control of the original factory and inspected according to the original inspection standards can perfectly match the other parts of the elevator. The installation and use of any counterfeit elevator spare parts will have a serious impact on the operation quality and even the operation safety of the elevator.
    Professional and prompt inquiry service
    When you need our spare parts service, you only need to provide the product contract number and ladder number when purchasing the elevator. Our professional spare parts sales staff can skillfully use the company's advanced technical information system and business database to quickly serve you. Check the part model, price and stock you need.
    Original best
    I know that I have to turn more than once, and I may add one more price. To avoid those counterfeit dealers, the most direct and secure way is to buy the company's original factory directly.